Friday, March 27, 2009

Potpourri and Updates

Well, several folks have said it's time for a new blog, so here are a few odds and ends.

Wendy, the horse with the tumor, seems to be doing better. She's getting fat and sassy, and the swelling in her head seems to be down. Her future is still uncertain, however.


the meantime, we have a new quarter horse (someday we'll buy the whole horse!). She's 6 years old and her name is Rocksy. She's beautiful. The photo below after she was in the mud doesn't do her justice. When we put her out, she kicks and bucks and runs like the wind, but she is also gentle as a lamb and easy to ride. Jane is going to be working with her, and plans to both ride her and show her.


We also have four new parakeets, making our 5 dog-9cat-4 bird-2 horse family complete.

Sophie Blossom. Denny Crane, Mrs. Maggie Murphy, Maximilian Blue

Dean Brody, the artist that my oldest son (Clark) is managing, is making his first Grand Ole Opry appearance on April 17th, and his first album will be released on April 28. Check it out!
Dean Brody

As President of the Union College Alumni Association, I will be one of the speakers at the Union College commencement on May 9. I will be sharing the stage with the main speaker, actress Ashley Judd. It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

Ashley Judd

Finally, these old eyes will be having cataract surgery on April 7 and 14.
They tell me I will no longer have to wear glasses for perfect distance vision. Having worn them for more than 50 years, this will be quite a change that I can't yet imagine. We'll see. (No pun intended.)