Monday, August 17, 2009

Potpourri and Updates #2

Hmmm, what do you write about when life is ordinarily ordinary and you haven't written for two months?? Well, let's see....

I started a new (second) job as a courier and did it for four weeks. I really enjoyed it, but have quit because of the miles piling up on the car and things picking up with more hours at the hotel.

Two grandsons - Jacob and Connor - are now playing football, on both offense and defense. I know they're having a great time. Emily started middle school this week, Jenna will soon be 14, and Joshua had a great 2nd birthday party.

Jane and I are starting to make bead jewelry.

I am doing pre-stuff for Union College alumni board meeting and homecoming in October.

I saw a man with no nose.

I had a colonoscopy and EGD that came out fine. Still don't know why I have so many stomach or chest pains.

Eyes are improving, but still problematic. Wish I had kept my cataracts.

We are going to have a new great-nephew soon in Florida (Sam and Tori).

Brian is going to Boston for five week's training for a new chef's job in Florida.

We found a new home for Wendy, who seems to be doing fine, and we're concentrating on working with our beautiful Rocksy.

The scam investigation is on again, as the scammers are back working in the area. We had to do a police photo lineup and might have to testify in court.

We had to get a new (used) washer. The old one became toiled not, neither did it spin.

We're planning our third annual Blessing of the Animals at church on October 4.

My beloved Jane works very hard.