Sunday, October 26, 2008

First Blog: It's Lilla's Fault

Well, our friends Lilla and Neal in Colorado have a blog. I guess it's really Lilla's blog. She is an excellent writer! (Check out

Lilla has been bugging us to start our own blog, and telling us how easy it is to do, so tonite I decided to try it. After a couple hours of trying, what you see is how far I've gotten. There's a lot to learn, and my patience level varies, so I don't know how fancy we'll be.

It is kind of fun, and an opportunity to be creative, informative and keep in touch.

This will be an occasional production at irregular intervals.

Chances are that Neal and Lilla could be the only ones to read it. But, for what it's worth, here it is.

Just remember, it's Lilla's fault.

1 comment:

Lilla said...

Yippee!! You did it! Welcome to blog world. It will get easier as time goes by, I promise. Thrilled that you finally took the plunge. Love to you both!